Office Of Pastoral Outreach

 Office of Diocesan Pastoral Ministries

Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise




The Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise seeks to coordinate the ability of deacons, priests and laymen and women to be recruited and trained within its parishes to provide pastoral ministries to differing cultures, the vulnerable and the oppressed populations within the State of Idaho.

To ensure a qualitative and consistent accomplishment of this goal, the Director of the Permanent Diaconate will coordinate the recruitment of Pastoral Ombudsman (Deacons) to serve as facilitators and trainers within a specific pastoral specialty.  These pastoral ombudsmen will develop an expertise in the location and needs of specific pastoral populations and the administrative and process requirements to best access, provide for and serve these populations through the parishes of the diocese. Pastoral Ombudsman and Priest Chaplains will focus on the following specific areas of Pastoral Ministry: 

(For more information about specific ministries, please click on the links above)


For more information on the scope of service or volunteer opportunities, please contact:


Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey, MPA, MPM
Director of the Permanent Diaconate
Coordinator of Diocesan Pastoral Ministries
(208) 350-7558

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